POOJA NEGI, Assistant Professor, MA (HPU)

Assistant Professor

Office No: 50, Arts Faculty Building, University of Delhi, North Campus

Preferred Contact hours: Thursdays, 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Email: lalit05negi@gmail .com

M.A. (HPU), B.A. (HPU)


My area of interest is Tribal Literature of Himachal Pradesh with special focus on the Tribes of Kinnaur. I intend to engage with the condition of women within the specific culture and tradition indigenous to that place. My current study takes into account the nuances of the geographical area and the prominent Polyandry marriage set up inherent to the region. Even when considering these factors the essence of my study is the position of women within the society and especially their right to property.

Courses taught:

Indian literature, New literatures in English, Eighteenth Century British Literature

Research Interests:

Tribal Literature, Theories and Literatures of the Indian Diaspora