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National Conference on Culture and Aesthetic in Indian Folklore (February 28-29, 2020)

International Conference on Interrogating Disability Studies:Literature, Culture, Performance, 08 to 10 March, 2018

World Literature: Postcolonial Perspectives, 15 to 17 March 


"Kuch Ishq Kiya Kuch Kaam" : Revisiting Faiz Ahmed Faiz 

15 Feburary, 2018 


The Mahabharata and Inter-Asian Cultures: Transmissions, Adaptations, Performances and Histories (2017)


Curtain Raiser Event, International Confernece on The Mahabharata and Inter-Asian Cultures  (20th Feburary, 2017) 

Conference on Writing the Cosmopolitan Imagination : Genre Transaction in a Globalized World 

12–13 December 2016

Conference on Culniary Routes/Roots

2,3 November, 2016

The Ghazal Convention : Theory and Practice 

Octorber, 2016 

Annual Conference on The Indian Vernacular: Languages, Literatures and Histories (2015)

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Annual Conference on The Future of American Studies (2014)


Student Conference on Sexing The Text (2013)

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