The Department regularly organizes seminars and conferences, including a major national or international conference every year.


2022-23     International Conference on English Studies in India: Centenary Perspectives

2019-20     Gandhi in the Private and the Public Sphere: Image, Text, and Performance

2019-20     Culture and Aesthetics in Indian Folklore

2018-19      Machiavelli: In his times, and Ours

2017-18      World Literature: Postcolonial Perspectives

2017-18      Interrogating Disability Studies: Literature, Culture, Performance

2016-17      The Mahabharata and Inter-Asian Cultures: Transmissions, Adaptations, Performances  

                    and Histories

2015-16       The Indian Vernacular: Languages, Literatures and Histories

2013-14       The Futures of American Studies

2012-13       Rethinking the Novel

2011-12       The Dalit Experience and the Question of Marginality

2010-11       Postfeminist Postmortems? Gender, Sexualities and Multiple Modernities

2009-10       Inhabiting This Hour: John Milton, His Bequest, 1608-2010

2008-9         Non-Metropolitan Modernisms

2007-8         Renaissance and Renaissances: European Renaissance and Bengal Renaissance

2006-7         Nature and Time in Literature and the Visual Arts

2005-6         Past the Post: New Literatures in English in a Globalized World

2004-5         Mediations: Literature Across Media

2003-4         Reflexions: Literature, Film and Culture

2002-3         English Language Studies

2001-2         Women and Literature


2016-17     Modes, Motives, Motifs, and Conditions in Intra-Asian Travel 

2016-17      Culinary Roots/Routes 

2008-9         New Areas of Research

2007-8         Marriage in Shakespeare: A Community Affair

2006-7         Seminar on Raja Rao and R. K. Narayan

2005-6         Angles: Film Seminar and Festival

2004-5         After Edward Said: Colonialism, Knowledge and Culture

2004-5         Mourning Jacques Derrida


2018 – 19   A Three Day Workshop on Romanticism and the New Political

2018 -19    A One Day Workshop on United State of Utopia: American Utopian Fiction 

2017-18     Kuch Ishq Kiya Kuch Kaam: Revisiting Faiz Ahmed Faiz 

2016-17     The Ghazal Convention: Theory and Practice


2016-17        History, Culture and Literature: Reading the Margins (Swami Shraddhanand College)

2009-10        Conflict, Belonging and Multiculturalism (with Sri Venkateswara College)

2009-10        Constructions of the Self: Theories, Contexts, Practices (with Hans  Raj College)

2008-9          The City and its Cultures (with Hindu College)

2008-9          Literature and Revolution (with Janaki Devi Memorial College)

2008-9          Text, Pedagogy, Discourse (with Shyam Lal College)

2006-7          Literature and the Visual Arts (with Ramjas College)

2005-6         The Long Eighteenth Century (with Janaki Devi College)