K B VEIO POU, Associate Professor, PhD (JNU)





Dr K. B. Veio Pou

email ID: k.b.vp@english.du.ac.in
Preferred Contact Hour: By Appointment

I like to explore the everyday narratives centered on literature & culture, society & politics, and
folklife in the contemporary. My effort has been to engage in those subjects both in the academia
as well as at the popular level. Currently, my research interest is on the English writings from the
Northeast of India, exploring the dynamics of the society through literary representations.

Areas of interest:
Decolonial studies, Northeast India studies, Studies in Oral cultures/traditions, Peace and
Conflict studies, Biblical narratives/studies.

Representative publications:
A) Books:
 Keeper of Stories: Critical Readings of Easterine Kire’s Novels, Dexter: Highlander
Press, 2023.
 Waiting for the Dust to Settle: A Novel, New Delhi: Speaking Tiger Books, 2020
 Literary Cultures of India’s Northeast: Naga Writings in English, Dimapur: Heritage
Publishing House, 2015.

B) Chapters:
 “Of People and their Stories: Writings in English from India’s Northeast” in Lipok
Dziivichii & Manjeet Baruah (eds) Modern Practices in North East India: History,
Culture, Representation, New York & London: Routledge, 2018, pp. 225-249.
 “Writing About Lives on the Edge: The Naga Imbroglio”, in G. N. Devy et. al (eds)
Indigeneity: Culture and Representation, (Orient Blackswan, 2009), pp. 150-158.
 “Waiting for Godot and the Existential Predicament of Modern Man” in Jeremiah V.
Duomai (ed) Engaging the University and Nation: A Christian Perspective, New Delhi:
TRACI, 2016, pp. 57-65.

C) Articles:
 “Reading Literature from India’s Northeast as Peace Literature”, Muse India, Issue 90,
July-August, 2020.
 “Women in Conflict Areas: Insights from Temsula Ao’s These Hills Called Home:
Stories from a War Zone”, postScriptum: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Literary Studies,
Volume V, Number I, January 2020, pp. 62-70.
 “Understanding Language and Culture: Bridging the Gap between Delhi city and
Northeast students” in Delhi University Journal of Undergraduate Research and
Innovation, Vol. 1, Issue 2, May 2015, pp 144-153.

D) Book Reviews:
 “Revitalizing Adivasi Ecology” – Review of Sorrow Songs of Woods: Adivasi-Nature
Relationship in the Anthropocene in Manbhum by Nirmal Kumar Mahato, The Book
Review, Vol. 46, No. 2 December 2022, p. 18-19. (0970-4175)
 “Memories Remain” – Review of A Respectable Woman by Easterine Kire, The Book
Review, Vol. XLIV, No. 2 February/March 2020, p. 63. (0970-4175)
 “Land as a Symbol of Identity” – Review of Remains of Spring: A Naga Village in the No
Man’s Land by Jibon Krishna Goswami, Translated from the Asamese by Manjeet
Baruah, The Book Review, Vol. XLI, No. 3, March 2017, p. 74. (0970-4175)

E) Writings at the Popular Level (Newspapers/Magazines):
 “Candle in the Wind: AFSPA has no place in a democracy”, Outlook, January 17, 2022,
 “The Peace Seekers”, The Hindu, Sunday Magazine, January 24, 2021,
 “Whose Manipur is it, anyway?” Huffington Post, 31 December 2016,