UJJWAL JANA, Professor, PhD (IIT, Kharagpur)






Prof Ujjwal Jana

email: ujana@english.du.ac.in
Preferred Contact Hour: By Appointment


PhD in English | 2008, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India

M.A. in English | 1999, Calcutta University, Kolkata, India

B.A. in English (Honours), 1997, R.K Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India

Work History

Professor: February 22,2023- : Department of English, Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi, Delhi

July 15, 2019-February 21,2023: Department of English, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry

Associate Professor: July 15,2016-July,14 2019: Department of English, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry

Assistant Professor: 17th September 2010-14th July 2016: Department of English, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry

17th March , 2009-September 16, 2010:Department of English, West Bengal state University, Kolkata

9th July 2003-16th March 2009:Department of English, Bajkul Milani Mahavidyalaya, (Government Sponsored Degree College affiliated to Vidyasagar University), West Bengal

Areas of Research Interest

Indian Literary Theory and Criticism, South Asian Literatures, Translation Studies, Digital Humanities, Theory of Emotions

Awards and Fellowships


Awarded Hungarian State scholarship for 2022-2023, funded by Tempus Foundation of the

Government of Hungary to carry out a collaborative research at the ELTE Department of

English Studies, EötvösLoránd University, Budapest Hungary


Awarded Hungarian state scholarship in the academic year 2021-2022 funded by Tempus

Foundation of Government of Hungary to pursue collaborative Research Project in the Institute of

English and American Studies, Debrecan University, Hungary


Faculty Mobility Award (Waitlisted), Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute and Ministry of Human Resource

Development, 2020.


Indian Principal Investigator, Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration

(SPARC) project on “Digital Humanities in the Indian Rim” with Western Sydney University, Australia

2019-2021 funded by Ministry of Education, Govt of India


Indian Lead Collaborator, Joint Research Project on “The Literature of Resistance: A comparative study of

Dalit and anti-Apartheid Literature” under ICSSR (India) NIHSS (South Africa) joint Research Programme in

Social Sciences with the Department of English, University of Johannesburg, South Africa, 2016-2017.


Indian Lead Collaborator, Joint Research Project on “The Guru Challenge: Spirituality, Psychology

and literature in East-West Encounters” under ICSSR (India) DFG (Germany) joint Research

Programme in Social Sciences with the Department of English, University of Leipzig, Germany, 2014-



Sahitya Akademi (Govt of India, Ministry of culture) Travel Grant Award,2014


Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship in UK [Recommended by the UGC, India to

Commonwealth Scholarships Commission, ultimately unsuccessful] 2013.


Fulbright Fellow, India Studies academic Programme, Indiana University, Bloomington,



Special Award by Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, for securing

Highest Marks in B.A. Examination, 1996.


Jindal Scholarship, 1993.


Text Books Authored
Applied Phonetics. Directorate of Distance Education, Pondicherry University,
Communication Skills & Grammar. Directorate of Distance Education, Pondicherry

Edited Books: Refereed
Editor, Digital Culture in Humanities: Contemporary Trends published by ABS Books,
New Delhi-India
Co-editor [with Aparajita De, Amrita Ghosh],Subaltern Vision: A Study in
Postcolonial Indian English Text, Newcastle-upon-Tyne:Cambridge Scholars
Publishing, UK ISBN: 1-4438-3665-6
Co-editor[withV.Rajakrishnan],Green Symphony:Studies in Ecocriticism,Sarup and
Sons, New Delhi-India, ISBN- 978-81-7625-5
Co-editor [with Murali Sivaramakrishnan],Ecological Criticism for our Times:
Literature, Nature and Critical inquiry,Authorspress, New Delhi, ISBN-978-81-7273-

Journal Articles
Mondal, Arijit and Ujjwal Jana. “Mapping the Poetics of Memory: A Critical
Reading of Manoranjan Byapari’s Interrogating my Chandal Life as Cultural
Archive.” Contemporary Voice of Dalit, Vol. No., 2023, pp .
Sethulakshmi, S and Ujjwal Jana. “A Review of Critical Disaster Studies. By
Jacob A.C. Remes and Andy Horowitz..” Interdisciplinary Literary Studies. Vol. 24,
No. 3, 2022, pp. 463-466.
Jana, Ujjwal and Tanushree Dutta. “Text as an Archive: A Critical Reading of
Estherine Kire’s When the River Sleeps.” Skase Journal of Literary and Cultural
Studies, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 61- 69
Islam, Mohaiminul and Ujjwal Jana. “Text as a Cultural Archive: A Close
Reading of Madan Vasishta’s Deaf in Delhi: A Memoir.” Journal of Literary &
Cultural Disability Studies, vol. 15 no. 2, 2021, p. 203-218. (ISSN (Online)1757-
6466)Project MUSE muse.jhu.edu/article/790622.
Jana, Ujjwal & Ms. Pooja Smrity. “Mapping the role of Digital Platforms for
Learning Online in India: An Empirical Study” Towards Excellence: An
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2,2021, p. 770-784. (ISSN NO 0251-348X)
Jana, Ujjwal & and Tanushree Dutta. “Memory, Culture and Identity: A
cultural reading of The Legends of Pensam” Ostrava journal of English
Philology, vol.13, no. 1, 2021 p.51-60 (ISSN 1803-8174
Jana, Ujjwal and Nivedya Chandrasekar “ Digital Storytelling and Digital
Social Reading in Social Media: A Case Study Of Instagram And Wattpad.”
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autobiography Government Brahmana” Middle Flight 6.1:82-91 (ISSN No
“Translating the Peripheral Voice: A comparative study of the Translation/s of
Mahasweta Devi’s select stories”, Dibrugarh University Journal of English Studies,
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Articles in Edited Books

“Forgiving Three Times.” Indian Folk Narratives. Sahitya Akademi. ISBN: 978-93-
“From Imitation to Ingenuity: Bengali Theatre from 1795-1857.” Indian Aesthetics:
Convergences and Divergences. DK Printworld. ISBN: 978-81-246-1143-2.
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Notun Prithibi- a novel by Amit Chaudhuri, Introduced and Translated by
Ujjwal Jana from English novel, A New World, Sahitya Akademi, 2021.

Invited Talks and Letures

Invited Talk on Histriography of Ancient Indian Drama in the ICPR sponsored workshop on “Contemporary readings of Natyashastra and its Philosophical significance” from 8th May to 12th May 2023 organized by Lakshmibai College, University of Delhi

Invited talk on Creativity and Aesthetic Reflections in the one day seminar cum workshop on CREATIVE WRITING IN THE LITERARY REALM organized by the Department of English and Modern European Languages, Gautam Buddha University, Noida on April 24, 2023

Invited talk as a plenary speaker on Mapping Alternative Paradigms: Ecology, Language and Translation in the ICSSR sponsored national-level seminar on ” Mapping Language, Ecology, and Cultural Diversity in India: An Ecolinguistic Approach on 9th and 10th February, 2023,organized by The Dept of English, West Bengal State University, West Bengal

Invited talk on Indian literary criticism in the one day National seminar on “Indian Classical Literature: Theory and Praxis”organized by the Department of English, Dumdum Motijheel College, Kolkata on December 23, 2022 Invited talk on Ambedkar and his contribution to culture studies in the Two Days International Seminar on ‘Socio-Economic Philosophy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar: The Indian & Global Perspective organized by Dr. Ambedkar Chair in Social Justice and Empowerment, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Amarkantak (M.P.) on 15 &
16 December, 2022

Invited Talk on Translating Vernacular literatures in India in the online English Refresher Course, organised by The Department of English, in collaboration with the UGC-HRDC, Pondicherry University on October 10, 2022 2019

Invited Talk on Digital humanities in India for College and University Lecturers, English Refresher Course, Academic Staff College, Dr. Hari Singh Gour Viswavidyalaya,Sagar, Madhya Pradesh November 11

Invited talk on Gandhi and his impact on Indian LiteratureOne day Seminar on Gandhian principles of Ahimsa and its Relevance Today, Centre for Gandhian Studies, Pondicherry University, October 10

Invited Talk on How to read a Literary Text: Contemporary approaches, Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, India, August 21-22.

Invited Talk on Philosophical Speculations of Gandhian Ideas: Some Reflections, ICPR Sponsored National Seminar on Gandhian principles of Ahimsa and its Relevance Today, Department of Philosophy and English, Panchanan Barma University, April 8-10

Invited Talk on English Language, Literature and Culture: contemporary Trends Two day National Conference on “English Language, Literature and Culture” organised by VivekanandhaCollege for Women, PG and Research Department of English, Tiruchengode, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, March 11& 12

Invited talk on Research Methodology for Humanities Department of English, Tamil Nadu Open University, Chennai February 9

Invited Talk on Linguistics and Phonetics, Department of English, Garhbeta College, Paschi Medinipur, West Bengal, January 5

Invited Talk on Indian Literary Theory: Critical Evaluation for College and University Lecturers, English Refresher Course, Academic Staff College, Pondicherry University, September 9

Invited Talk on Impact of Social movements on Indian Literature, National Seminar, Dept of Tamil. English, and History ERK Arts & Science College, Tamilnadu, India July 27. 2017

Invited Talk on Dalit Literature in India: Growth, origin and Development, One- day Symposium, Department of English, University of Johannesburg, May 18

Invited Talk onDhvani Theory of Indian poetics: a Linguistic Study, Department of English, Panskura Banamali College, Purba Medinipur, India January 2017


Invited Talk on Translation in Pre-colonial India: problems in constructing Theoretical Framework, National Seminar, Department of English, Annamalai University, April 4-5

Invited Talk on Scope of Rasa in Applied Criticism: A study of Santa rasa National Seminar on Revisiting the Tenets of Indian Aesthetic Tradition: An Interface with the Arts, Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi April 19-21

Invited Talk on Text as socio-cultural archive: A reading of Binodini Dasi’s My Story and My Life as an Actress National Seminar on Exploring the Self: Autobiography in the Indian Context Centre for Comparative Literature School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad September 15-16 2015

Invited Talk on In search of an alternative idiom: ‘New language’ in contemporary Bangla Dalit poetry, National Seminar on OTHER AS PLURAL: NARRATIVIZING MARGINAL SELF, HISTORY AND CULTURE Centre for Comparative Literature School of
Humanities, University of Hyderabad October 28-30.

Invited Talk on Serampore Mission and Translation Project in colonial Bengal: Text and ContextUGC-DSA International Seminar ‘Imagining the East: New Research, New Pathways’ Department of English, University of Hyderabad, February 23- 25. 2011

Two Lectures on ‘Indian Aesthetics’ for College and University Lecturers, English Refresher Course, Academic Staff College, Dr. Hari Singh Gour Viswavidyalaya, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh July 28-29

Delivered two Lectures on ‘English Consonants and Vowels’, organized by the Department of English, Netaji Subhas Open University, Kolkata, June 12.

Lecture on “Reading of Diphthongs” for a 3 Day Training Programme on Teaching of Phonetics to Lecturers in Government Higher Secondary Schools, organized by Staff Training Centre, Directorate of School Education, Government of Puducherry on
February 8

Invited Talk on Theory of Emotions in Sanskrit Drama National Seminar Karnataka Sanskrit University in collaboration with Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi March 27-28

Invited Talk on Gender Representation in Indian Literature National Seminar AVS College of Arts and Science, Salem, Tamilnadu, India March 5 2006

Delivered A Special Lecture on “Wyatt’s I find No Peace”, delivered at Seva Bharati Mahavidyalaya, Jhargram, West Bengal, November 2

Two Lectures on ‘Ecocriticism: some thoughts on its emergence, concepts and interdisciplinary relevance’ for College and University Lecturers, English Refresher Course, Academic Staff College, Sambalpur University, Orissa,
September 8-9, 2012

Major Research Project.

Title: Dalit Literature in Bangla: A historical study and
Literary analysis of select Texts.Principal Investigator: Funded by University
Grants Commission, India (May 2012- May 2014).

ICPR Project. Title: Influence of various Philosophical schools of India on Rasa
theory of Indian Poetics Principal Investigator: Funded by Indian Council of
Philosophical Research, India (May 2012- May 2014).

Awarded Grant under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of
India sponsored ‘Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research
Collaborations’ (SPARC) to carry out a Project as Principal Investigator on “Digital
Humanities in Indian Rim ” in collaboration with Western Sydney University,
Australia 2019 – 2020, extended to 2023

Research Guidance
PhD Supervision:
Supervised Ph.D. thesis “Disability in Indian Regional Literatures: A Literary
and Cultural Study of Select Narratives” by Mr. Mohaiminul Islam, Pondicherry
University, awarded April 2023.
Supervised Ph.D. thesis “The Semiotics of a Disordered World-A select study
of Robert Anton Wilson” by Mr. Hemant Kumar Golapalli, Pondicherry
University, awarded November 2022
Supervised Ph.D. thesis “ Commoditization of Literature: a surge of populism
Contemporary Indian English Fictions ” by Mr. Aditya Ghosh, Pondicherry
University, awarded November 2022
Supervised Ph.D. thesis “ Marginality, Aesthetics and Gender: A select study of
Bengali Dalit Short Stories in Translation” by Mr. Soumya Kanti Mandal,
Pondicherry University, awarded August 2021
Supervised Ph.D. thesis “ Navigating the Detective World of Satyajit Ray– A
Critical Study” by Ms. Chandreie Mukherjee, Pondicherry University, awarded
August 2018
THIYAM” by Ms. Meera Mathews, Pondicherry University, awarded May 2018
M.Phil. Supervision
Supervised M.Phil. dissertation “ Reconfiguring Narrative Strategies: A study of
Shashi Tharoor’s Riot: A Novel and Post Modern Narrative Discourse” by Mr.
Yogeswar Dwivedi, Pondicherry University, awarded August 2011
Supervised M.Phil. dissertation “Recapturing the Roots: Memory, culture and
Politics of Nagaland: A study of Temsula Ao’s short stories These Hills called
Home: Stories from a war zone” by Ms I Watitula Longkumer, Pondicherry
University, awarded October 2012
Supervised M.Phil. dissertation “Staging Third World:A neo colonial study of
Manjula Padmanabhan’s Harvest and Hidden fires” by Mr. Karthick S,
Pondicherry University, awarded November 2012
Supervised M.Phil. dissertation “ Articulating voices from the Margin: A
Comparative Study of Sharan Kumar Limbale’s Akkarmashi and Arvind
Malagatti’s Government Brahmana by Ms Vinutha Kunderi, Pondicherry
University, awarded November 2011


Literary Theory
Modern Rhetoric and Research Methodology
Introduction to Linguistics
Indian Aesthetics
Translation: Theory and Practice
Disability Literary Studies
External Member, Doctoral Advisory Committee, English Discipline, Vellore Institute of