Information Regarding MA Open Elective Courses of Other Departments

Department of Buddhist Studies

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Department of Urdu

Department of Slavonic and Finno-Ugrian Studies

Department of Arabic

Department of GRS

The Department of GRS is offering Colonial and Post Colonial Encounters to the students of Semester-3.

Readings into Colonial/Postcolonial Encounters

The course will deal with English translations of literary works from Latin America, Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and Europe originally written in French, German, Italian and Spain. Students will discover a series of responses to colonial/postcolonial encounters from the 16th century till the contemporary context of immigration and Diaspora.

The course will involve the study of a selection of four texts – one from each language – drawn from the reading list provided by the teachers (during the class), and will focus on a relevant theme or issue. The course thus aims to read these works from the perspective of their historical and social moorings and their literary innovations. 

Students may send their details (which include-Name, Exam Roll No., Mobile No and email ID) by 10th September 2023 to

Department of Sanskrit

Department of Linguistics

Department of Philosophy

Department of Persian

Department of Punjabi
The Department of Punjabi has offered the following OPEN ELECTIVE COURSE in M.A. Punjabi Sem. IIIrd.
1. PUNOE1 Punjabi Lok Sahit

Interested students are required to give their details (including Examination Roll Number, Name, Mobile number and Email ID) to their respective departments at the earliest. The students please send their request to by 25th August 2023.

Department of Statistics

This is to inform you that, in respect of Postgraduate Courses Semester III for the AY 2023-24. We are floating the following courses under an open elective option, which students from other department can opt for.

List of Open Elective Courses to be offered in AY 2023-24
Courses Code MSTOE 306Course TitleFacultyL-T-P
MSTOE 306 (i)Data Analysis Using RDr Manoj Kumar2-0-2
MSTOE 306 (v)Inferential TechniquesDr Dream lee Sharma3-0-1
MSTOE 306 (vi)Statistics for Research and Management StudiesDr Sumit2-0-2

Department of Psychology